One Week Old.

August 09, 2016

When you are One Week Old today and rip out your wires so mom hurries to take a quick pic of your precious face before they put them back in!!!! 

Our little princess is getting stronger each day! 

So many beautiful flowers from the hospital! 

Woke up with extra snuggles from my sunshine girl. 

We talked about starting kindergarten next week, about her new baby sister and about how seeing all of the milk makes her want to be a mama. 

I told her what a sweet mama she would be someday and she said she hopes she is always soft and sweet. Thankful for the tender moments that the early mornings bring.

^^ her boys!^^

It's so sad having my heart in two places! 

When I'm at the hospital, im worrying about my big kids.... When I'm home, im worrying about my little peach- longing for us all to be home together!!!! Aiden and Ains start back school next week (Ains starts kindergarten) so we have a lot of changes happening all at once! 

Just doing my best to fill up each little love tank and be intentional with each little heart. 

Our little bug is doing SO good though, improving each day so thinking it will be sooner than later that we are all home under one roof!!!

We love you little peach, already can't imagine our life without you in it.... cannot wait to get you home!