NuRoo Baby.

December 12, 2016

All four of my kiddos are so different and were even different as babies, but one common theme that they all ADORED is the swaddle. Literally I swaddled all of them for so long and sweet baby Adelaide is following right in those footsteps. So a good swaddle is key! 

You guys, if they had blankets like this with my other kiddos I HAD NO IDEA! These are literally has this amazing velcro and there is seriously no way they can break out of it! 

Y'all these are AMAZING. 

And not only that but NuRoo baby has so many incredible products available from nursing covers to hats to carseat covers to these AMAZING shirts that let your baby snuggle up right on you. LOVE!

Another cool detail?? 

Yes, they thought of everything!!- the SAME blanket will work for 3 different sizes. So that means no buying more blankets at each new age! 

Apple LOVES when I swaddle Adelaide and then she swaddles her baby dolls too- its the sweetest! 

"We believe in the importance of the 4th trimester and the instinctual need you and your baby have to be close to each other. We believe in the power of touch: to heal, to comfort, to nurture and grow your baby.

We believe that details matter. What touches your baby’s skin has the power to make them feel safe, secure, and at ease in a world that is so new + overwhelming. Our signature fabric was researched and designed to be incredibly soft to the touch, holding your baby with the kind of gentle tenderness that you do.

We believe that parenting is one of the most amazing journeys, but also one of the most challenging. Without a doubt, it takes a village to raise a tiny human! We create products that make this wild ride a bit easier for you and your family. We’re here to support your journey, be on your side, be a part of your tribe."

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