March 27, 2017

Eight. ❤😭 

At 11:32 on this day our eyes met for the first time- I'll never forget the way in an instant my heart changed forever. Our eyes locked and I realized that day my heart would never be the same, there would always be a piece of it with you. You are the most tender, precious, caring, amazing person and I literally can't believe that I get to be your mama. 

You light up every room, you change people's hearts, you touch people's lives. I've told you for years that you were created for something special and i cannot wait to watch and see. I love you something fierce. Recently your class wrote you letters and one of them said " you are the sweetest, funnest, kindest person I have ever met"- I couldn't agree more. 

I love you sweet boy.... You've forever moved me and changed me❤❤❤