life lately.

May 27, 2017

My big kids last day of school was this week and every year I think im not gonna be emotional and then who am I kidding, I felt like if I took a breath I would break into a big heaving sob 😭. 

Like how do you say thank you? 

How do you look someone in the eye and even remotely put into words what it means that they pour that amount of hours and love and care into the things that mean the very most to me in life. 

There is never enough words, never enough thanks yous. Teachers are world changers. What an indescribable gift that they give. I said I couldn't even think about stepping out of those walls for the last time, forever grateful ❤️

We leave Monday morning for some traveling + adventures! Most of June!
We are sooooo excited! 

Also my little peach will be 10 months old this week, CANNOT believe it. She is our little angel babe, we are so smitten over here! 

Okay Aiden before bed was half drifting off to sleep and said to me " I hope that someday I have one boy and 3 girls so my family can be just like ours"...then I almost died from the sweetness and said "oh my goodness, I love you so much...I could never deserve you."

and half awake/ half asleep he said " you deserve me and more"


^^^ smile! 

^^^ Mother's day goodies..... pretty much all ways that lead to my heart ;)

I cannot fathom that my little sunshine girl just finished Kindergarten and is a first grader, ahhhh! 
Seriously SO proud of both Aiden and Ains, and how phenomenal they both did this year. 

First smoothie bowl, it was amaze. 

We made a little video about it here.....these are now in the daily routine, swoon! 

Oh! and random... So, for the last 6 weeks Chris and I have been doing a clean eating program and being intentional about exercise. I was dreading it big time BUT it has actually been unbelievable.

I have truly never felt better and really feel like my taste buds have changed?? I CRAVE grapefruit and carrots on the regular now. It was one of the best decisions ever to do for me! Sharing in case this gives you a nudge to take a leap with that! 

Okay, we are off! I will have pics and updates between travels... happy summer!