June 25, 2017

It's so amazing to walk a path and look backwards and see how clearly the Lord has led you step by step there. In the moment it might seem uncertain or confusing but as you look back you can see the path so clearly laid out. 

It just takes a yes. 

When the Lord prompts.... hands shaking, just saying yes. 
yes Lord, I want what you have for me. 

Unclench the fists and say, I'm ready to watch what you can do. 
There are no words for how the 19,000 families on my team has forever changed my life. It's truly like a family and to get to walk on the stage in Utah this summer and represent all of us, it was a moment I will never ever forget. 
That moment was for all of us. 
All of our stories. 

I love my people so much, no words could do it justice. They each have a piece of my heart forever- the heart of this team is something I'm so honored to be a part of.

These women are like family and it's the greatest treasure in the world to hear over and over and over that they searched their whole life for something like this and the community that is being built is where they have found it. 

Not only have the oils and the clean/safe products changed my families life forever and ever but the precious people who have joined me have changed my heart forever. 

Our story is forever written in a new direction. 
And it was His plan all along.

When the Lord has something for you, when you hear that whisper...take the leap. 
It's so worth it.

My hope and prayer is that my story can be a continual reminder of that. 

We started this journey for hormonal and emotional support. What I got was 
 success using essential oils as support for sleep, stress, supporting healthy immune systems, booboos, hormones, lung support, seasonal stuffiness, weight management, household cleaning/cooking and a whole slew of other things.

 I love knowing that there is nothing more natural and that they don't come with horrible side effects and long term dangers like many other toxic options that are sold in stores. 

We also have started our journey to a chemical free home with Young Living! We buy all our detergent, dish soaps, hand soaps, cleaning, shampoos, deodorant, shave creams and more through this amazing company! Not to mention baby products, makeup and vitamins- literally a one stop shop right to my doorstep every month. 

In Utah, I got to walk through the fields, the distilleries, the green houses and I actually cried in the field of Goldenrod. It was so unbelievable to stand there in the midst of it all. 

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