August 22, 2017

My boys went last Monday to Lake Texoma for a day on the lake + fishing and they had an absolutely blast. 
Aiden has adored fishing ( and really all things animals) since he was tiny....Chris has always made it a point to connect with Aiden in the areas that he adores. 

I remember at Aiden's 3rd birthday someone saying that Aiden's love for dinosaurs + dragons was a phase and he'd be on to the next thing.

Still to this day he's never played with a train, car or superhero. LOL!
ALL things reptiles, dinosaurs, animals, dragons are his jam :).

They woke up at 5am and headed out early.....they spent the whole day on the boat and had such a sweet time together. 

One last hoorah before school starts this week. 

I pray consistently protection over the relationships in our little fam and am so grateful for the way this man loves our babies.

Our mantra to always put their needs first. And to always pursue their little hearts.
I had a happy camper come home from his boy day!