August 21, 2017

My sweet precious Appie, happy birthday baby!

Apple has stolen so many people's hearts...she has this way about her, her kindness....her sweet spirit. 
She is shy, nurturing and kind and she has this strong desire to take care of others. 

I wish I could put in words how special this little girl is. The way that she is, how she loves and cares for others, the way she loves our family..... she daily tugs on my heart with who she is. 

I will never forget the first day I looked into her little beautiful brown love for this special girl is so so deep. 

 I love you so so much, you have changed our world forever and hold my heart little miss. 

Your spirit is truly infectious- filled with kindness and even at such a young age so filled with selflessness. You are always thinking about everyone else.... we love you so much and are daily blown away by who you are. 

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