August 01, 2017

Be Still My Heart. Tomorrow she is One. 

Get ready for an overload of photos and a flood of thoughts and emotions.

A baby that was so longed for, so ached for..... and every moment of these twelve months cherished to the very last drop. I love you so much Addie Grace, you filled that missing piece of my heart. ❤️

You fell asleep on my chest tonight...I traced your nose, I kissed you cheeks, I smelled your sweet head and squeezed you closer for just bit longer. 

My last baby, a baby I wasn't sure I'd ever have or ever hold. 

Every moment cherished and held onto. I love you Adelaide. 
I love you so much I could never put it into the right words, you were the perfect last piece to our puzzle..... the last piece worth waiting for. 

 You came into our world and stole all of our hearts- we love you sweet peach.
12 months of pure love and bliss.