on to the next chapter.

November 29, 2017

The home that we are leaving holds so much redemption for us. Its walls are filled with a flood of change that washed over us when we had almost nothing left. It represents a simple, shaking "yes" to the Lord's continual prompting on our lives and after years and years of struggle and loss and hard things, the tides shifted in that home. 

We begin moving the first wave of things this week and should be full moved over in the next few weeks. I hate saying goodbye to our sweet house but so excited for all the new adventures in this new space.

I lost babies in that home and then brought home my last double rainbow to that doorstep. 
My precious Adelaide Grace, that I literally cant imagine our world without. 

The kids are so excited for this next chapter and so are we. We are ready to see what these new walls will hold for us.

We have been spending time at park I grew up playing at. And now to see my babies sitting on the same fishing ledge, playing at the same spots- spots filled with beautiful memories. I am so grateful. 

Excited to share each room and the spaces as we move in and get settled! I sit and daydream at night about how to make each of the kid's rooms as special as possible, to make the magic come to life for them there. 

and Christmas, can you imagine a more perfect time to do just that? :)