5 Beauty Tips with Essential Oils

August 09, 2018

People ask me all the time how to get started with essential oils and my answer is always: just jump in and then be consistent! Oils work differently than what we are used to so consistency is key! I generally tell friends to keep their oils out! The TYPE of oils you are using matters also….make sure you are looking into purity and doing your research! Have your oils out where you need them and will see them : in your purse, in the bathroom, on your desk. 

We are creating a new habit so have them out and easy to grab! Don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed….just grab them, roll them on the bottom of your feet to begin, diffuse them, smell them. So much of the power in essential oils centers around using them daily, rather than just grabbing one out of the blue to “throw at something.” 

Being intentional with my oils on myself and my family every single day throughout the day for three years has made ALL the difference.

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