August 02, 2018

A baby that was so longed for, so ached for..... and every moment of these past 2 years cherished to the very last drop. I love you so much Adelaide Grace, you filled that missing piece of my heart. ❤️

You know your story, its a special one. 

Every single night I climb in your crib and fall asleep with you. I rock you, I sing to you, I laugh with you- you are worth every minute of waiting. 

You fell asleep nuzzled up in my neck tonight... I kissed your eyelashes, I traced your nose, I kissed you cheeks, I smelled your sweet head and squeezed you closer.

My last baby, a baby I wasn't sure I'd ever have or ever hold. 

I love you so much I could never put it into the right words, you were the perfect last piece to our puzzle..... the last piece worth waiting for.  You make us all laugh, you have the biggest personality and bring so much JOY and light to each of our lives.

Happy Birthday my peach. Every day you are we celebrate!