Ainsleigh - Eight.

September 15, 2018

Tomorrow you are eight. 

I am up looking through baby pictures of you, remembering how you smelled and looked and how I felt from the moment that my heart met you. 

In a million dreams, I could never imagine a gift like you. 

My sunshine girl. 

I still remember the day she was born- her tiny little nose and her glowing cheeks. She was fragile and precious and I will never get over the gift that she is. She’s brave, adventurous, confident. 

She lights up every room and touches something in everyone she meets. 

She’s special and I really truly can’t believe that I get to be her mama. She has a mighty purpose and what an honor it will be to watch her step into that. 

Her heart oozes compassion and her fun spirit is infectious. Ainsleigh Kate, you are my light and love. ✨✨☀️☀️

Happy Birthday my love.