September 21, 2018

It’s been my moms dream for years and years to have us all in Nantucket together. 

My parents, my family, my brother and his sweet family- all under one roof again. 

She said that every year she dreamt of riding bikes to the lighthouse with her grandchildren and so this is the trip where all those dreams become real memories. 

I loved hearing their voices as they saw it for the first time. The summer of awe & wonder, the summer of adventure.

If you ask Ainsleigh her favorite trip of the summer, without hesitation she will say this one! 

We rode bikes, we ate and talked and played. It was beyond lovely.

I can still feel the night air as we sleep with the windows open and I can hear their voices as they squeal with joy riding our bikes down the long hill. 

A dream trip. Truly.....memories sealed up in our hearts forever and always.