Aiden & his reptiles.

October 11, 2018

The next Steve Irwin. 
 Lizards and snakes in his pockets, frogs coming home in his lunchbox, packing little cages to run around with on the playground at school. 

Since he was little enough to communicate it’s been a passion that couldn’t be denied. So we embraced it. 

He got his first reptile at age 3 (besides the snakes he was bringing inside in his pockets) and now ate age 9 has 7 reptiles plus all the ones he catches and releases (13 in his room right now). He is tender with them, he studies them, he loves them. 

Someday when he is traveling the rainforest - we’ll say he never waivered in his passion. Anyone else have a kiddo with a deep, undeniable love for something? #aidenloveshisreptiles

I love you with all my heart bud!