Daddy Daughter Dance

March 31, 2019

Take my breath away. 

This week I took the girls shopping and we picked out headbands, shoes and dresses for the Daddy-Daughter dance this weekend. We had dresses piled in the dressing rooms and they even wanted to come back after finding the perfect shoes to the big 3 way mirror and try on the whole outfit together! 

They were beaming last night when they came home. Be still my heart. 

They ran through the door and immediately wanted to pull the videos up on our tv to all watch.... their sweet spirits, their adorable dance moves, the memories. 

Just seal it up and freeze it in my heart. 

Im grateful for the way he intentionally pours into them. 

I will never stop soaking in these moments, a memory sealed in my heart forever watching you girls have a special night with your daddy! 

We found their dresses, shoes and headbands all here!