Reptile- Dinosaur Party!

March 27, 2019

Creating a memorable birthday for my kids is one of my favorite things ever. Thinking about who they are as an individual - they things that make them so special - and bringing that to life in party form is the sweetest! 

This month I’ve been thinking so much about my sweet Aiden and all the things that make him who he is. His love of reptiles in every form and his favorite treats. Incorporating all these beautiful little pieces of HIM into this special day!!!

And now, this year, he’s ten. What a special milestone to celebrate! It’s a new phase of his childhood, feeling grown up. Leading his sisters so well. 

We had a POOL PARTY for his class, Critterman come and a SNOCONE truck!!
It was an absolute BLAST! 

How unreal is this cake and these cookies?! The kids LOVED them!!!
These sweet animals on this cake are replicas of some of Aiden's actual pets- so so fun!!!

Creating a reptile- dinosaur party for my boy was so so much fun!