An Easter Recap.

April 23, 2019

We had such a sweet Easter weekend together! 

We had a weekend full of our families, memories, traditions and lots of fun! 

Saturday morning we went to breakfast and an early morning egg hunt with my parents. Then we went to Easter service and afterwards had Chris' fam come over to swim, ride bikes, eat and play! 

I love the egg hunts and Easter baskets and all the fun but we wanted to make sure and take time to really connect and reflect on the story of Easter. We had a really intentional time on Sunday- Chris pulled out his guitar as we talked as a family, sang together and reflected on what Easter means to us.

Sheparding these hearts is such a privilege and a great responsibility and something I will never take lightly. I tell myself often, I want to raise healthy adults. 

I want to impact their hearts, have the hard conversations, make sure they know all the things. I cant imagine a sweeter gift than them. 

Thankful for the hope we have and grateful they know the truth in their hearts and that it will always be with them. I love watching it change them, impact them and the light just pour out of them in all they do. 

I tell them often- we want to be different, we want to be set apart in the ways we react, we love, we live.