Life Lately.

April 30, 2019

Messy pool hair, dirt in their toes, hammocks in their tree forts and lawn chairs out. We love you sunshine and long weekends 🙌☀️

We went down to Chris family land last weekend and it was so fun- Aiden caught a frog, we got out the fishing poles, the canoe, rode around- it was a blast! 

Recently I was watching a movie with the girls for a movie night and the character in the movie was sketching at this beautiful park...I was like- why have we never done that! 

So this week I scooped up Ainsleigh and Apple.... we grabbed some colored pencils and a few supplies at the art store, packed a picnic and headed for a sweet afternoon together! The girls loved it so much and it truly was the easiest idea that made such a sweet impact in all of our hearts.

Recently I was telling a friend that I’ll never know why we lost three babies but I do know it led me to two of my girls. The path to them was hard and I can remember times standing still when the world kept moving and I felt frozen. I know this pain. The unknowns and what ifs and the thoughts. I know what it feels like to talk to a friend and know they can’t relate.

Things that came from that pain. Compassion. Soaking up everyday with new eyes. A changed heart.

The one thing I will always be grateful for through all of the hard roads that we have walked is the way it changed me. I see life through a completely different lens. 

Intentional time with their hearts, a weekend of no hw or schedules or hustle.

Every time I look at them and they seem just a little bit older I’m reminded of the beauty in cherishing each memory. Soaking in each day.

These are the days!