Boho Bridal Shower

May 26, 2019

My sweet dear Cousin, Elise, who is like a baby sister to me is getting married in September!!
We are literally over the moon for her and could not wait to celebrate this beauty! 

She holds an incredibly sacred, sweet spot in my heart and my kiddos hearts: she really came into our lives when I needed her and has blessed our socks off daily. 

Celebrating milestones in the lives of people we love is one of my favorite things! Just recently, I had the chance to throw this shower and it was so much fun to put together. I loved planning out all the small details - from the theme of the day, to the colors we used, shopping for flowers, beautiful baked treats for everyone to share… so much joy in all of it!

I was able to find most things right on Amazon, which is always the best because it’s delivered right to my door. Taking the time with my girls to set things up around the house to make it sweet and festive and inviting…

Making time for those special celebrations for the people we love most is such a sweet gift, and when it brings people together, it’s even sweeter!