Campout Weekend.

May 20, 2019

A few weekends ago the girls got to go on a school campout with Chris. This was the first time they were able to go together as sisters ( usually the campouts are separate by grade) and this was Ainsleigh's last one ( she "feathered out") so they got to experience it together as she said goodbye! 

They did the water trapeze, horseback riding, the ropes course, singing songs by the fire and so much more! 

These weekends are always so special. Not only intentional time for daddies with their daughters but a way for them to be with their buddies from school in such a uniques setting. Community, fellowship.

As I watched through the videos that Chris took throughout the weekend, I couldn't help but just think about the love and memories being sealed in their little hearts. 

Total sweethearts! 


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