Your Beach Packing List

May 18, 2019

We are heading into another summer of ADVENTURE! 
I put together a fun packing list to share with you of FAVORITES! I am bringing these cute towels and this adorable umbrella to Florida! 

TOf saying YES to snorkeling in the ocean with my kids, cannonballs into the pool under the moonlight, dance parties, building sand castles WITH them, late light movies and snuggles in our bed. It’s yes to being thankful for legs that run, eyes that see and lungs that breathe. We have so few years of this- I will soak in every last drop and every little moment from big to small. Im not going to miss a thing. The way they smile when they see me dive into a wave, the way their hair glistens in the sunset or the way their eyes light up as they soak in the wonder. Thank you Lord for these gifts- I won’t miss a moment of the beauty that they are.