Your Summer Bucket List

May 05, 2019


The weather is warming up and we already have summer on our minds! It’s a great time to make amazing memories, big and small. Without too much effort, you can have fun all summer long, and in ways you won’t soon forget!

Grab your art supplies - paints and paper or inexpensive canvases. Get a blanket you don’t mind getting messy, and have your kids put on their play clothes. Head to the park and have your own little art session. Each of you can pick something you see to paint and then celebrate everyone’s artistic efforts when you’re done!

A backyard campout is so much fun, and doesn’t requiring trekking into nature. Set up your tent, grab your sleeping bags and flashlights, and connect with the outdoors right in your own backyard. One of the best parts? Your own bathroom is just a few steps away!

There is nothing more fun than watching your kids laugh and dance through the sprinklers on a hot summer day. Make it even more exciting with a slip n slide!

Pack a picnic and head to the front yard! Let your kids help with the food and set up, and even invite your neighbors! It’s a great way to connect with your community and have fun with your family all along the way.

Our family loves outdoor movies. Check in with your local community and see if any parks in your area run them throughout the summer months. Or if you’re feeling like creating the magic yourself, grab the projector and set it up in your own backyard. Either way, don’t forget the treats!

As summer transitions into fall, their is no better time to go apple picking! It’s so much fun to gather your own fruit, and dream up what you’re going to bake up together when you get back home!

Creating magical moments doesn’t have to mean being extravagant!  Just planning a few intentional times together throughout the summer months will leave beautiful, lasting memories for your whole family!