Life Lately.

June 15, 2019

Tomorrow is Father's Day and our wedding anniversary and I cannot wait to be in our favorite place in the world together! 

 Words can't describe how grateful I am for you. Through it all you have chosen me and love our babies better than I could ever ask for. Thank you for pursuing our kiddos hearts in countless ways and for loving mine. We adore you with all that we are. 

Thankful for this life together. 

I just got all of the kids to bed and you made it to Florida! - you spent the last two days driving down so that when we fly in tomorrow- all of our stuff is there waiting for us. The sweetest. 

We have been here swimming and lounging and missing you like crazy. 
Adelaide keeps saying " daddy beach?!" and Apple packed your card that she made over a month ago! 

12 years ago had you shown me our life, how far we have come, what we have walked through and where we are now....I truly could never have dreamed it up! 

A beautiful life. We love you. 

I’ve watched you shelf dreams, support us, love them with all that you are. Through all the hard, you were there. It’s always been you ❤️  It all started with us , what a perfect merging of celebrations today!