Mama Moments Captured.

June 07, 2019

Being a mama is such a gift to my heart, and on a daily basis I’m reminded of all the little tiny little moments that mold together and shape who they are.  Isn’t this the sweetest and sometimes hardest thing to witness?!  I love watching them grow and experience new things, step out in bravery, and do things that scare them....even if I tremble watching!  

I’ve been thinking lately about the many changes that take place in the course of a year in their lives.  I look back at pictures from last year and each of them have changed and grown so much!  It is a daily reminder to me about the fleeting moments.....the special times we will cherish and enjoy together when she is two years old may be different next year when when she is three years old.  Some of the baby words that I love will change, and her need for my help in all the little ways will dissipate even more. Some of their favorite things this year may not be their favorite things next year!

I long so much to cherish TODAY, doing what they love TODAY.  Hearing their hearts and speaking life into the moments that we have TODAY.  

THIS is the gift of motherhood....the privilege of molding, shaping, cherishing, teaching, creating magic...but equally watching, beholding the beauty, opening my hands, letting go, and watching them soar!

photos via beckley co