Hi! I am CaseyLeigh. 

I love to share my life through this little blog.
 I like to write about my perspective on life, faith, kids, marriage, art, clothes, creative inspiration, projects and things that I love! 
I am a mama to three on earth, one in heaven. 
I am a wife to one.
 My husband and I own an art school called A Little Artsy and I am a jury award winning, freelance artist in Texas. I sell and show my work locally.

Who am I? 

I am someone who wants to help my friends, my kids and anyone that comes across this little space become who they really are. I support creativity and originality and want to help people learn how to express themselves and pursue their passions. 
I love being a mama more than anything in the world. 
I am married to my best friend. 
I love to express myself through art, what I wear and what I write.
I am a storyteller. 

At A Little Artsy we emphasize the process, not the product. We want to help people get in touch with their creativity and originality and express themselves. 
With the writing on my blog, I am opening up my heart and have a desire to hopefully encourage people to express themselves as well. 

I am a free spirit. I am sensitive. I am a writer. artist. creative.

I want to use any platform that I have- no matter how big or small to love well and help others.

This is my oulet.

Nice to meet you, hope you'll join us on our journey! 
This space is our story!


When did you start blogging?

I first started a family blog when our son Aiden was born to update friends & family. Then 3 years ago in January I decided to create a new blog "CaseyLeigh" which is what it is today!

What camera and editing software do you use?

The camera we use is a canon 5D mii.
I edit with photoshop & lightroom. The actions that I use can be bought here.

Do you make money on your blog? Have any advice on turning your blog into a business?

This is a for-profit blog. I generate income through banner advertising, affiliate links, brand collaborations and sponsored posts. Although I work to promote various brands & businesses all opinions are 100% my own.

I have an advice post here on growing your blog.

Are you a Christian?

We are evangelical Christians.

I am saved by faith and grace. God rescuing me is humbling and I forever owe Him my life. If my purpose here on earth is to share with others His love then by all means I should be using the platform that was given to me to do so unashamedly. I am faithfully His. I make mistakes but I can promise that I will always share of His impact in my life. 

what we believe here

Is one of your daughter's name really Apple?

Yes it is! My sweet Apple Lucy. Why we chose the name Apple here.

You talk a lot about your favorite books, what is one of your favorites?

My favorite book is A beautiful Offering by Angela Thomas.

What are your thoughts on having your kids on your blog?

I try not to talk about any problems in my life on this blog that would hurt someone else....that doesn't mean I don't have any though.
I *do* get nervous sometimes about sharing our life on the internet, but I don't think I am exploiting my kiddos by putting them on the blog. This is my love letter to them- they will see this long after I am gone. They will see the pictures, the love, the thoughts, the fears- everything. They are my life...writing a blog without them would be a bunch of meaningless writing to me- because they are truly everything.

Oh and no this is not my whole story. Some pieces are left for just us. Some big big parts of who I am have been left off of this space.

Where can I find info about your art?

You can see more about my art here & here

Do you have a post about homeschool/resources?

Yes! click here

Where can I find your post about being intentional with toddlers?

Here you go!

Who did your blog design?

The amazing JaneReaction!

Where can I find info about HopeSpoken?

Check out our website here!

Do you co-sleep? 

You can read a post about that here!

When you first started blogging you talked about money. Could you refer me to a few of those posts?

These two are a good place to start: here here

How can I contact you?

You can email me! I have an amazing assistant who will respond to you!  Casey@caseywiegand.com

Where can I find info on advertising options?

You can read about them here or email Danielle: 

I live in Dallas or am coming to visit, can we get together?

Unfortunately with my busy schedule as a mama of three little ones and also working from home, I am unable to meet up but here is a list of Dallas favorites for you! I adore the Dallas Zoo, Perot Museum, Dallas arboretum, Dallas aquarium, Hunky's, Emporium Pies, Snider Plaza, Northpark Mall and Caruth Park (grab Chik fil a nearby for a picnic)!

I know you are a 3 time NICU mom, where can I find those posts?

Nicu posts here &  here.
A post about my c-sections here

How did you start your art studio?

We took out a big business loan (put our cars, wedding rings, everything on the line to do so) and just went for it.

Where can I find a post about your hair & makeup?

Right here


Recipe Contributor:  Mary Beth Johnson is a photographer, blogger, and journalist with a passion for finding beauty in unexpected places and celebrating the everyday. Originally from the east coast, she now lives in Oklahoma with her husband and three children (dubbed "schooners”). From an office full of fingerprints and walls scattered with imperfect artwork, she’s writing her first book, a memoir of her parents' journey in raising 14 children, and her own lifestyle blog, Annapolis & Company.

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