Super honored and excited to have my cute crew over on PEOPLE.COM ! 
You can check out the article here

The Design Network - 5 shows 
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Wendy's Fim & Digital Campaign
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 photo Bugaboo.jpg Partnership with Bugaboo 
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 photo new.jpgToday Show Appearance.
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 photo Untitled0-1.jpgMultiple Articles on Yahoo. 
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 photo brickyard.jpgFebruary Guest Editor/ Brickyard Buffalo

 photo darling02.jpgDarling Magazine 
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 photo impig.jpgFront Page/ Impeccable Pig. 

 photo ps0.jpgCover/ Passionfruit Ads 

 photo 02.jpg photo 01.jpg Aiden & Ainsleigh/ Babiekins Magazine 
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 photo magazinefeature01.jpgRadiant Magazine.

 photo vanessa1.jpgMy Everyday Feature. 
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 photo Untitled0.jpgArt House Dallas. 
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 photo studio.jpgStudio Magazine Feature
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 photo Untitled1-1.jpg babble best dressed babes 
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 photo PicMonkeyCollage-4.jpg pregnancy & newborn magazine

 photo PicMonkeyCollage-6.jpg Quite Magazine

 photo Untitled1.jpg interview with stickygram here

 photo 01-1.jpg She Knows Parenting/ Instagram's Coolest Kids

 photo Untitled1.jpg Mini Magazine's Best of 2013: Instagram here 

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+ featured in Artful Blogging


  1. wow - this is cool...

  2. brings such a warm smile to my face to see all of the world recognizing the amazing gifts God has given you! glad that QUITE magazine got to be a part of it as well!!

    - morgan

  3. such an inspiration! great work :)