my little brother

February 04, 2010

My little brother, Travis, otherwise known as "bub" is a sophomore at Pepperdine and is almost exactly 6 years younger than me. He and I grew up always being really close...he has a wonderful heart and I have always felt like I had to look out for him/ protect him like a "second mama". I can remember thinking one time when we were younger that this was just a little taste of how I would feel with my own kids, praying that I could bare his heartaches, shield him from hurt, protect him from everything. I am blessed by him, I am lucky that he is my brother & honored to say I have learned more from him than he could ever imagine. Love you Trav, hurry back to TEXAS!

Also, on a random note I "tweeted" a couple of weeks ago about how bad I wanted some TOMS shoes and Travis' sweet girlfriend got me some!!!! They were white and she painted them my favorite color, a really light mint!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!! YAYYY! Thank you Kath!!! XOXO