my best bud

May 10, 2010

Seriously, Aiden is my bestest bud...besides Chris...Chris is number one and makes me smile and I truly love him more every day. Which makes me lucky bc after almost 5 years its amazing that I love him more every day, but I do. And I realize Aiden can barely talk to me and is only 13 1/2 months old but he is the greatest thing ever. He is such a snuggle bug (please let this phase last so long) and such a happy little soul. What a constant joy. Mother's Day was so sweet yesterday just being with my boys. Today Aiden and I met some friends for lunch at the park. Here are a few pics!

Lately Aiden refuses to be strapped into anything...this includes shopping carts, carseats, baby jogger and high chair. Well, carrying him while grocery shopping is interesting to say the least but lately I have been letting him eat meals on the table, whatever works right?!

Here is my latest belly pic, 18 weeks:

*Also, on a sidenote we find out new baby Wiegand's gender on Thursday May 20 and I am especially antsy today to know!!! EEK!


  1. You look great, girl! Hope you had a happy Mothers' day and are feeling well!