question me

February 26, 2011


A lot of my favorite bloggers have done this, so I thought I might try.

Do you have a question for me?
Maybe no one does! 
But if even one person does, I would love to answer.

Something you are dying to know? Ask me! I am ready!

Something Id like to add. 

Your comments completely bless me. 

I got this from the Natos  & really agree, 

"so instead of turning inward when you read blogs, look outward. take time to encourage other moms/wives/people to continue loving their families and doing what they're passionate about. take time to say you rock my face off. take the focus off yourself and praise the heck out of others. although comments are not why we blog, they mean a lot. we can use our words to lift others up, instead of just reading "from the shadows" and never saying...hey, i actually read what you took time to write about. i care. 

i encourage all of you guys to comment on what you read on any blog. whether they have 1 comment or 100, it doesn't matter. take the extra 5 seconds to comment. comment often. go on an encouraging wild and crazy gal. the blog world doesn't need jealous women rolling thier eyes at one another. it needs encouragment. KEEP WRITING. KEEP CREATING. it's a good ya, in not-so-many words, secret stalkers don't make friends. come out of the bushes and say hi. disclaimer: i know, you can't read every blog in your reader probably. i know you don't want to spend all your day commenting on every blog in the world. pick 5 or something. you get what i'm saying."

Using social media as a tool to lift each other up is awesome. Spread that love around!

*Oh, and will you follow me? See that button down on the left side... instead of just checking my blog or clicking your blog roll...will you hit follow? I want to know who is reading :)!! XOXO


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  1. what kind of dog is your big one?

  2. you've been in my google reader for awhile now, but i realized i wasn't officially "following"... so there ya go! i love reading what you have to say, i love your heart, and your kids are totally and completely precious :) have a good night!

  3. What is the greatest piece of advice someone has given you about marriage? Or parenting?

  4. Where do you get all your super cute headbands and hair clips?

    And I second breeann's question!

  5. ok i have a real question.....where is your music player for the songs that play on your blog? I left my comp open yesterday and all your songs were playing and I love the mix but couldnt find the songs!

  6. Amen to comments! I comment on nearly every post I read- unless I get behind and have to read several posts at once, but yes, they are SO encouraging. It's baffling to me to get over a 100 hits on a post and not a single comment. Don't know why it bothers me, but like you said, it's nice to know that someone is reading and the encouragement is such a fun surprise. Like when it's someone you don't even know! I feel like it's God's little way of giving you a shout out! That being said, you are an excellent commenter and I appreciate your little tidbits, they make you feel loved! :)

    My question: How do you feel like God has changed you from college to now?

    My answer to that question would be a LONG post, so you don't have to do it too extensively, but wow, how we thought things were so important back then (tests, Frat rush shirts, Sing, etc), and how we treated people sometimes- if only I could do some things over with priorities and poured more into underclassmen girls that were struggling,etc. But then again, maybe I needed to learn from them and grow from mistakes. Bottom line, it is amazing how God changes your heart when you whole-heartedly seek Him out. How amazing!

  7. this is jessa btw
    i feel like i could answer some of the questions which means i know you ;o) but for fun...
    1. biggest mistake of your life?
    2. who do you stalk to most of any social media site?
    3. favorite song or artist (band)?

  8. jessa again...whoops
    the most...
    on any social media...

  9. this post. i one hundred percent agree with your thoughts on taking every opportunity to encourage, especially with blogs. freedom comes when we wrap our brains around the fact that this world is not about us.

    thank you for saying hello!

  10. Fun idea Casey!!
    Agreed, I feel very encouraged by your little comments on facebook & blog! It's fun to think that the Lord knew and ultimately created the brains that came up with social media so it can and does glorify Him! Thanks for your vulnerability and honesty and your heart for the Lord! I've been so encouraged by your writings back since before Aiden was born, but never made any comments - sorry = )

    Ok my question: What is the biggest thing the Lord has taught you since becoming a mom?

  11. If you were a car, what kind would you be?
    Aside from kids/pets/husband, what's one thing you would grab if your house was on fire?
    What would you do with a million dollars?
    If you could meet any cartoon character, who would it be and why?
    If you could pick one super power, what would it be?

    I could go on, but I don't want you to feel like I've just given you a homework assignment :)

  12. I third Camille's question! And I love the encouragement exhortation...can't wait to hang tomorrow!!!!

  13. Did you have any trouble getting pregnant?

  14. Love your blog. I'm a college student so I would love to know what your childhood/college years were like and what things you learned during that time and what you wish you would have known at that time!! Keep being absolutely adorable!

  15. Love your blog. I'm a college student so I would love to know what your childhood/college years were like and what things you learned during that time and what you wish you would have known at that time!! Keep being absolutely adorable!

  16. jessa again...whoops
    the most...
    on any social media...

  17. adrienne norwood doughertyMarch 11, 2011 at 5:09 PM

    Hi Casey! So, after months and months of reading your blog, as I read this particular post, I realized it was FINALLY time for me to post a comment and say hello.
    I hope it's not weird to admit, but I read your blog religiously, and even though I haven't seen you in years, I feel strangely connected to you and your beautiful family. Your photos, words, advice (and arts and crafts ideas!) completely inspire me, and I'm so grateful for your blog!
    Thanks for encouraging your readers to write back, and just know that there are so many of us out there, reading your words and loving every post!
    Much love :)