2nd child

March 17, 2011


oh my sweet ainsleigh. where do i begin?

this sweet baby girl has the most precious spirit & nature. You know, with your second kiddo they come into the craziness of life.

Loud tantrums by older brothers, dogs barking, no tiptoe(ing), being whisked around, the "carefulness" gone. And yet content.

Content to be "amidst" the action.

It is rare for me and little A to have alone time. But the middle of the nights and the early mornings are ours

Just the two of us, me and my girl.

There is a beauty in the stillness. 

I can hear the squeaks in our old floors. the quietness. each little sound she makes. her breathing. the sound of me kissing her cheeks.


I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I am watching time fly past me.

It's funny because when Aiden was a teeny baby I was so anxious for the next phase. Crawling, eating food, big boy carseat, walking, talking.

Now with Ainsleigh I am in a desperate attempt to slow down each milestone.

Each snuggle is more treasured. Each passing day is more accounted for.

I love you my 2 A's.

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  1. Oh gosh, I totally relate to this whole post! My boys are 18 months apart, so yeah, I'm with you on all of this. Especially the part of trying to slow time down and savor every little thing. I love the stages my boys are in (2 and 3 1/2), and part of me never wants it to end. I can see now why some women just keep having babies! :)

  2. sweet post, case. i feel the same. trying to clutch onto the slipping time without success. i think thankfulness is the only way to fully live each moment.

  3. So sweet. And encouraging, in a roundabout way. I always get anxious thinking of having a second child. I feel bad thinking that the 2nd child won't get my undivided attention or the stillness of a quiet home. But I suppose they adapt! Thanks for your words. Your littles are blessed to have you.

  4. When Adam gets home, I pass off Henry & cuddle with Elliot and I love it!

  5. look at her!!!! beauty and a little bloom in her "hair" just like momma too. awe, you are a wonderful writer. adored reading this open letter of love. ♥