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May 02, 2013

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I have had thoughts swirling around for a bit on this subject, but slow to let them pour out. Unsure how to express all my thoughts properly. 
Honestly, this might wind up a big jumbled mess.
 Blogging, social media...it all leaves us in a tricky place. So much room for assumptions, for comparison, for judgement/....so much room to feel left out. I sway on it. 

I think each situation has to be taken person by person.... situation by situation and moment by moment. I would say most of it has to do with our own hearts. Remembering that when we read someone's blog or look at their instagram feed, it's such a small snippet of their reality. 

I would say most people put out their best. 
They want to inspire, encourage.
They want to create in order to give back and give glory to the One who made us.
The One who gave us our creativity and our gifts. 

I think that is beautiful.

In fact...
I would say that if someone is encouraging you to stop using your gifts
to tone it down a bit
to show way more of the dirty and less of the talents
that I don't agree.

Can you imagine if someone told Tim Tebow to stop using his gifts so well?
God created you with gifts and talents and ways to bless and inspire others.
You were created to do so.

I love taking an ordinary moment and seeing such a deeper beauty in it.

Life is truly a mix of hurt & beauty.
a mix of raw and incredible.
ups and down.

Through it all we move. and through it all, I do believe He is sovereign.

I enjoy very much following inspiring, uplifting ladies. 

I would say it's a beautiful thing to be careful with what we say about our children and families for all to read. and careful how we respond to our harder days. 

But with that. also sharing our hurts and our days that leave us on our knees.

The balance. Always finding the balance.

Then there is feeling left out.
 It sounds simple and cliche and like I should have known it all along but I can only be me.
Offer me. The true me.
I can say here I am...this is the true me, what I have to offer you.

I left a situation recently and walked away feeling really left out.
If I am being honest the whole thing put a really sad taste in my mouth.
but you know what...

I think when we reach a place when we are okay there. "There" meaning the value on those people & how the view us back has been taken away. No expectations. 
Then the sting is gone.
It's my heart that needs to be examined. not the other way around.
I needed to remove the amount of weight that I was projecting onto them.

So when we do this.... it is then....

then that relationships can form as they please without the hurt tied to it.
The enjoyment and celebration of others.
The bitterness gone about a relationship not reciprocated.

Then we have open hands.
Reaching a place where as we move through life then the hits bounce more than blow.

it is then.... we can enjoy a bit more. and be inspired.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou 

 PS.... an incredible post by my amazing mentor Leslie here! 



  1. Love this so much! I couldn't agree more, I think that we're here to be a light and let our gifts He has given us shine through. That doesn't mean we have to be fake and act like there are no hard times, but to always see things in a positive light is never a bad thing. That's what my post is about that I linked up, actually. :) And I'm still working on the not putting so much weight into feeling left out at times.

  2. So so beautiful, friend. love. & Love Leslie's post too! xo

  3. So perfectly written, this has been something that I have been bumping around in my head for a while. I want to portray me, the highs and the lows. Its like that bop on the head reminding me that the Lord has given us these gifs to share not be afraid of.


  4. This couldnt have come at a better time, Casey. I just published my final post for awhile. I've been recognizing my need for human approval is far more than it should be. and I know its because my faith, my validation for existence shouldnt be in people, but in Jesus. I need that time. To learn of his love fo me. Just me and him. I need the time to allow him the build me up with who he made me to ne, without always concerning myself with what people think. I've felt left out, sad, but that's because I look for satisfaction from human relationships, rather the satisfaction from My relationship with Jesus. I think once we/I realize this, we can be that much more effective for him. that's what I long for. and this step back is just part of my story. he isn't finished with us yet.

  5. Wow, it was like you read my thoughts. In fact I've linked up my post on all the same thoughts and feelings. Last week I was accused by someone of being a "perfect world blogger". And it stung, at first, to think that someone thought I was only sharing the good when I think I blog the balance. But the more I thought about it, the more I decided that this accusation said more about them than me, and that I have absolutely no reason to apologise for being happy with my lot in life. Like you say, anyone who tells you to dull down your happy, isn't someone you want to be listening to.
    Thank-you so much for posting this. x

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  7. that moved me! such spirit filled words! you are so right on! i tend to go from one extreme to the other, running away from the computer and then spending too much time on the computer working. Balance is hard. comparisons are terrible. we have so much more at our fingertips these days, but so much of it also steals our reality. you have a way with words! thanks for allowing me to read what I have so many times thought, but couldnt express as well as you did here. xo

  8. really really love this! perfectly said.... and i have felt it all. grateful that for the most part i feel the positive of blogging and instagram. and so grateful for the special people i have found through them both. i love your blog and your instagram feed. so inspiring!!

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  10. You made my heart happy with this one sweet casey. Xoxo

  11. such a moving post and so well-written and said. and thank YOU for being you, casey. i don't think we would want it any other way. love ya, friend.

  12. I have enjoyed discovering your Blog! you truly speak words that resonate with my soul! I needed this post and was finally able to put in writing the thoughts that have been swirling for a long time about surrender!


  13. I love this post--I can absolutely relate. Balance is much easier said than done. Having our feelings and thoughts on display is a vulnerable place to be! Thanks for sharing.


  14. yep .you nailed it. sad. really how people can't let others effect them so much.

  15. I think you excel at taking ordinary moments, and sometimes trials too, and turning them into something beautiful. Always be you.

  16. I think you excel at taking the ordinary moments, and sometimes the trials too, and turning them into something beautiful. Always be you.

  17. Thank you for showing the happy, positive days and moments, sharing the harder ones, and reminding us that the balance between it all is the key to happiness. It wouldn't be fun to always read about people's ugly days and thoughts, but then again, it's nice to be reminded that they are there.

    I know there's a whole new world of jealousy and being left out on the Internet, when it wasn't an issue in the past. I hope those hurting can learn the best ways to avoid the situations that make them feel down.

    Thank you for your beautiful posts.

  18. "The bitterness gone about a relationship not reciprocated"

    i like that line. that was good.

  19. love you casey! you are seriously the most genuine blogger i know!

  20. Thank you for writing this. The balancing act of sharing what's true to you vs. protecting those you love who might not want the whole truth on the internet for everyone to see is really, really tricky. Especially when you throw in strong emotions, late night writing, and the momentum of getting caught up.

    I began my own blog because I was so inspired by yours. I was struck by the fact that you're not afraid to ask and then attempt to answer really tough questions like this. Your sincerity and passion are so inspiring, and God gave you those for a reason.

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  22. casey, your heart is sooo beautiful.