Ainsleigh Kate, Three.

September 15, 2013

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(ainsleigh's all-time fav song..she sings it everyday!)

Ainsleigh Kate. My sweet girl, Happy Birthday.
On September 16 at 1:57 pm, 6 lbs 7 changed my life forever. 

I cry every year the night before your birthday going through are such a treasure. 

You are my sunshines girl, you are brave and adventurous and confident and independent. You love animals and love being a little mama. You always want to ride the biggest roller-coasters and the tallest water slides. You light up every room and are beautiful in countless ways. Your personality is infectious sweet Ains.

Truly. Everyone loves you. You have stolen everyone's hearts.
I am the proudest to be your mama. 

I hope tomorrow makes you feel incredibly special...because love, you are. And you deserve the best forever & always.

I am the luckiest,
love, mama

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