taking stock.

May 06, 2014

I have seen a few of these going around and thought it might be fun to do one too :). Saw it here, original poster I believe is here.

Making: memories. Warm weather, ice pops, hammocks and backyard fun with my precious babes. 
Cooking: homemade lasagna and mashed potatoes, my Aiden's favorites.
Drinking: Back to drinking one coke a day. Help, why can't I stay away?
Reading: A stack of novels... still waiting for the time to dive in more often. 
Wanting: to slow down more. 
Looking: at pulling out my paintbrushes again, it has been too long. 
Playing: dress up with my girls lately. 
Wishing: for more clarity in some areas. 
Enjoying: my playlist and a hershey bar. 
Liking: all things photography
Wondering: how God is working and moving in my life. 
Loving: long walks and fresh air. 
Hoping: for more dreams to play out. 
Marveling: at my sweet babies as they are growing and changing so much.
Needing: a New York trip to see Danielle. 
Smelling: dinner in the oven. 
Wearing: summer dresses.
Following: my dreams 
Noticing: my girls getting older and seeing the sister bond already beginning
Knowing: and accepting my limits
Thinking: constantly about anything & everything 
Feeling: loved
Bookmarking: bible verses
Opening: packages. 
Giggling: always with my babes. 
Feeling: grateful.