wedding weekend.

August 07, 2014

Two become one. Isn't that so simple yet so profound? Two coming together to share a life, share decisions, share children. Two into one. 

The wedding weekend for my little brother was so amazing and so special. (These were a few cellphone pics I snagged throughout the weekend!)

Standing next to my baby brother was so amazing, I barely have the words. Being 6 years older than him I always say that I got my first little tastes of motherhood with Trav. I worried about him and prayed for him and protected him like he was my own. So getting to stand by his side as he wed his bride was a moment that I will never forget. Annie was breathtaking. It was perfect. 

It was so fun to see all my cousins, and aunts and uncles from all over. ( see pics above...think we have a resemblance?! ) My little Ains danced the night away.... the limo showed up and she was still goin'! And so many people came up to me commenting on what a precious daddy Chris is. Seeing him all weekend with our babies left such a sweet impression on people that were meeting our family for the first time. So thankful for that. 

I felt so lucky and blessed. It was a weekend to remember for sure.
So happy for you bub! 



  1. Wow, family resemblance much? You're all so beautiful!

    And I love the cross behind the wedding scene. So poignant.

    1. aw thank you!!! and her dad made that, isnt that amazing?!

  2. You are all so beautiful! My little brother is 9 years younger than me so I definitely felt like a "second mom" to him :)

  3. Love that picture of them kissing in the sparklers. So sweet.

  4. LOVE me a wedding, always so special to see two people come together!

  5. Such a beautiful post! I really relate with being 6 years older than your baby brother!

  6. Everything is so beautiful! It reminds me of a wedding I just attended, for my cousin, on Cape Cod. Aren't outdoor weddings the most elegant?? It also helps that every person I see here is absolutely stunning! :)

  7. Beautiful memories to treasure and store! I love these moments, I'm sure you'll look forward to revisiting them and with a glint and perhaps a tear in your eye! I love your posts and I love this linky, thank you for sharing this Casey x

  8. How absolutely amazing that you stood beside your brother. I can't think of a higher honor than that right there. That speaks volumes of you, Casey. Beautiful pictures! As always!

  9. What a beautiful family!