Ainsleigh's Day.

September 14, 2014

Ainsleigh Kate. My baby turns four on Tuesday, Happy Birthday my love! 
On September 16, 6 lbs 7 changed my life forever. I will never forget running my fingers across your precious little nose and tiny lips. You smelled like pure heaven and came out of the womb content, sweet and joy-filled. You were everything from the first moments. 

You are my little light. Filled with joy and love, you light up every room. You love big and well. 
You are my sunshines girl, you are brave and adventurous and confident and independent. Your personality is infectious sweet Ains. I truly cannot believe you are mine. Thank you for being you, for showing me so much about life in just these 4 short years. 

I am the luckiest,
love, mama

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