March 12, 2015

We went to the lake tonight and the sunset was breathtaking. Literally the colors of the sky were completely stunning. I couldn't help but just be taken with His creativity and greatness. 

I had a few of these sweet photos on my phone and wanted to bring them over here for keeps. Aiden is off on spring break this week and was gone yesterday for a playdate, birthday celebration and first teeball practice! So me and the girls played, bought fresh flowers and enjoyed some girl time. It's so sweet to see their friendship blossom more and more each day. 

We saw the first touch of sunshine and warmth today- it makes me crave summer more than ever! 

^^^Excited stories and girl talk ^^

^^^ Aiden celebrating with us for baby Luke's first birthday! (sweet little cousin) ^^

^^ Found his first snakes of the spring! ^^

A fun little modge podge of photos from our week. Hope everyone has a beautiful Friday and weekend! xoxo