a new home.

September 18, 2017

Fun Secret. We are moving!! 

I literally can't sleep at night bc my mind is spinning with ideas, creativity in full force. Each kiddo gets a room which will be a change for us! Right now Addie doesn't have a room (crib is with us) and the girls share a room. And while this was perfect for a dozen reasons in this season, I'm so excited for this new season to come . 

Cried today thanking our Landlord who took a big chance on us moving in this house we are in 3 years ago. We literally put together a slideshow to "pitch" our freelance ways and how we'd never miss a payment. He took a risk and im forever grateful. 

So much redemption and change has happened since living here. We had our rainbow babe. Our life went in a new direction we never imagined work wise and a lot of broken pieces of our hearts got pieced back together. 

It's hard to walk away from a place where you were made whole again but thankful to leave on such a sweet note.