Home Tour: Apple's Room

January 16, 2018

My sweet Apple baby's room!!! 

She and I both are in LOVE with this space.... so much of it is so specific to my sweet girl. The tea time table, the little kitchen area, the built-in bookshelf/desk area, the bed nook and the areas for her babies. 

My little nurturer. 

Apple says to me daily, " mama- I BFF you" and then I say...."baby, promise forever??" This little love is so thoughtful and is always looking to take care of everyone. I wanted her room to be a merge of everything that she loves and a space that will make her heart soar. 

Just last night I fell asleep curled up in her bed beside her and I had to fight back tears just thinking about how fast the time is going. 

I often times find her taking care of her babies, cooking in her kitchen, setting up tea parties, working at her desk....oh and always while her favorite playlist is going! 

This room is full of character, personality and special little details-
all perfect for my girl!