Aiden & Godzilla.

June 10, 2019

He was 5, we were driving to school and he saw a huge billboard with Godzilla on it. "What is that!!!!!!" The love began. 

Since Aiden was old enough to speak he has had a love for reptiles, dinosaurs, dragons. The passion has never wavered and I cant wait to see what his precious life has in store for him. Our tender courageous boy! 

He's the most precious tender kind human ever and love his animals so dearly. Last Monday I took him to go see Godzilla on the big screen ( he went with Chris opening weekend as a big surprise. Chris was right in the midst of his 168 film festival which is a timed thing but he took him anyways) .... on his 7th birthday he heard a Godzilla movie was coming out in 2019 and has tab;ked about it ever since. His whole second grade year he signed his papers Aiden Godzilla ( lol. and also how sweet are these precious teachers just embracing Aiden). Then 3rd grade his papers said Aiden G ( His name is Aiden Christopher so the G is for Godzilla). 

I cried the last 20 minutes of the movie....not about the movie but about how when you love a human so deeply and they love something, it seeps over. How I never knew how much I would love Godzilla or Train your dragon or holding a little lizard, but I do. I love them so much. 

Loving someone else changes you. Maybe as a mom more than anything else. Suddenly you are outside of yourself and their interests and passions become your interests in passions in a way you hadn’t imagined. Sometimes I’m on the outside looking in, living this life I never would have imagined, my heart so overwhelmed with love for these people God has given me.