Beach Bound & Beach Theme Cookies to Celebrate

June 13, 2019

We love when school is out and we can start heading out on our summer adventures! 

One of our favorite places to spend our days is in Watercolor and Seaside. The crystal blue water and white sandy beaches call to us, and we can’t wait be there in just a few days!!

As we look ahead to the joy we’re going to share with them and remember all of the memories we’ve created there in the past: snorkeling in the ocean, cannonballs into the pool under the moonlight, dance parties, riding bikes, building sand castles together, late light movies and snuggles in our bed.

These adventures are a way to say “yes” to being thankful for legs that run, eyes that see, and lungs that breathe. Soaking in the salty air and the bright warm sunlight, with hearts so full of gratitude.

Our years with these precious little ones are so limited - I will soak in every last drop and every little moment from big to small. I’m not going to miss a thing. The way they smile when they see me dive into a wave, the way their hair glistens in the sunset, or the way their eyes light up as they soak in the wonder. Thank you, Lord, for these gifts - I won’t miss a moment of the beauty that they are. And I can’t wait to a part of all the ones to come.

Cookies via Kathleen Campbell HERE