Flower Braids.

June 11, 2019

Summer is here and that means gorgeous, warm weather and more time outside! I love to keep my hair pulled up to cool off, especially in the Texas heat. It’s easy to dress up a quick, casual look in a few different ways!

I also love to have my hair braided back and then add a few touches to "dress it up"!!

Try a braid to accent that ponytail. Just loosely braid the front of your hair on one side, gently pulling hair on each side once you’re done to make it look thicker and more natural. Pin halfway back, and then pull up as you normally would! OR two soft braids half up/ half down pinned back into a messy bun! 

Add in some pretty flowers to create something extra special. I love adding little blooms into my hair when it’s braided - and my girls love doing it, too! It’s such an easy way to make something simple feel intentional.

Another super easy summer hair trick: put your hair up in a top knot. Once it’s secure, pull a bit here and there to keep it loose and natural, and pin a pretty flower in on the side of the knot. Effortless and lovely all at once!

We are busy mamas, especially in the summer, and creating a special look doesn’t have to be complicated. Adding in fresh flowers makes such a difference!

photos via beckley co
braids via